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30th Anniversary Stash

The designs are finalised and the weaving looms ready – all we need now are your orders! We are offering a strictly limited pre-release run of 30th Anniversary t-shirts, exclusive to anyone who orders one, in time for (what should be) delivery before the end of term. The rear design for this t-shirt features the many great hillwalking destinations of Cambridgeshire, a veritable bucket list for any Cambridge hillwalker. This is also the first opportunity to order stash with the new CUHWC logo on it!

T-shirts are keenly priced at £11 each and orders MUST be placed and paid for before the end of 12th November: otherwise you will have to wait until February to get your t-shirt in the main run (this will be timed for the anniversary dinner but other t-shirts can be made available for anyone not going to the event). These t-shirts are being produced by Talking Ts and should be ready before the end of term – this can’t be guaranteed. Any questions? Contact cuhwc30(at)gmail(dot)com.

Order your t-shirts here!