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Capel Curig, 28-30 January 2011

We enjoyed absolutely stunning conditions for the first weekend trip of term to the heart of Snowdonia: cold, clear, dry and perfectly calm. On Saturday, many people took the opportunity to complete the Snowdon Horseshoe, with others reaching the summit via the Pyg Track. On Sunday we branched out to the Glyders and the beach, with one party re-ascending Snowdon from the other side. Some of the photos are fantastic, so do take a look at the links below.


Jacob Abolafia, Tom Ashton, Simon Bateman, Valerie Brandt, Roger Brass, Lizzy Brickley, Phil Brown, Greg Chadwick, Ameera Chowdhury, Paul Cook, Mohammed Dmour, Dave Farrow, Michael Fordham, Mark Jackson, Ashish Mitter, David Pettit, David Ponting, Juraj Sibik, Jo Smith, Jildou Sterkenburgh, David Trethewey, Gordon Williams, Simon Williams, Andrew Williamson, Elena Yudovina.

Walk Reports

Snowdon Horseshoe (AW)

Andrew, DP, Dave, Jo & Paul

This was only my second Snowdonia trip, and the area was growing on me rapidly. It is more Scottish than the Lake District and is therefore preferred. My first trip was Caseg Fraith in October 2010, during which I attempted the Snowdon Horseshoe in its entirety. However, due to bad weather, we were forced to abandon the Crib Goch section. This trip allowed such an impossibility to be rectified, with an ascent in perfect (almost) weather. Walked with Jo, Dave, DP and Paul. After the tremendous arguments that had ensued the previous night, it was good to be on a decent walk. We drove in DP's new Fiesta ('Titanium' model) to Pen-y-pass, from where the walk commenced. The ascent of Crib Goch was relatively straightforward and we arrived upon the ridge, with spectacular views evident all around. The actual Crib Goch ridge was more exposed than I had imagined it to be (despite being told by several family members that it was so!). Anyway, the ridge was followed well and we arrived at Snowdon summit with ease, having taken the full Crib Goch ridge and many photos too. At this point, Dave and Jo descended by the Pyg track, while DP, Paul and I continued to complete the horseshoe. (It is also worth noting that we met Michael's group a short distance from Snowdon's summit, walking with them to it.)

The remaining section of the walk was completed at Pettit Pace. However, Paul led, commenting that it was seemingly impossible to 'get rid' of DP from his tail. (DP, at this stage, noted that the only person who may have partially succeeded [more than others] in doing so was Simon Williams.) We arrived at the last principal summit on the horseshoe, having enjoyed the climb at a fast pace, and were, once again, greeted by quite stunning views. They were the factor that characterised the day as a whole. From here, we descended by the Miners' Track to Pen-y-pass, and waited for Jo and Dave to join up with us once more. While we were waiting, we decided, in aid of warming up, we could climb a small spur on the opposite side of the valley. We also discovered much about DP's new car. Then, returned to the bunkhouse and were inevitably first back. Then spent a pointless time attempting to light the fire. Cooking of the evening's meal also happened (which was not pointless).

Notable quotes

  • Mark: "As far as I'm concerned, it's a vehicle, not a love-child"
  • Tom (to Mohammad): "I'd like to meet your mother"


From CUHWC Capel Curig, 28-30 January 2011

From CUHWC Capel Curig, 28-30 January 2011

From CUHWC Capel Curig, 28-30 January 2011


Why is this not part of the wiki? I'd be quite interested to add a walk report for our Sunday...

Trip reports are currently based on what gets written in the trip book on the trip, so you should write in that! Alternatively, you can send reports to me by email and I'll upload them. Not sure if there are plans to make this editable by all members - you'll have to ask Matthew...