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Coniston, 26-28 November 2010

We found our first snow of the year in the Lake District, waking up on Saturday morning to a substantial dusting. Making the most of the blue skies and fantastic visibility, everyone walked on the Coniston Fells on Saturday. With temperatures well below freezing, we were all glad to return to the cosy YMC Hut in the evening with its coal fire! Even better conditions on Sunday saw some of the group back on the Coniston Fells, while the rest of us explored the wider surrounding area. We even managed to get out of the hills and back on the motorway before the snow set in properly - just!


Tom Ashton, Valerie Brandt, Kirsty Brown, Paul Cook, Michael Draper, Matthew Graham, Alastair Gregory, Bethan Gudgeon, Joe Hobbs, Doug Hull, Mark Jackson, Dave Mackenzie, Betsy Mortensen, Jane Patrick, James Ritchie, Anshul Sirur, Jo Smith, Lucy Stone, Oliver Strickson, Gordon Williams, Simon Williams, Andrew Williamson, Elena Yudovina.

Walk Reports

Our day with 'Instructor Joe' [highly abridged version] (AW)

Andrew, Dave, Jane, Kirsty, Mark & Valerie

Weather = no rain today! Awesome blue skies and snow. Air temp at about -4 but probably -10 with wind chill. Should have been meeting the instructor at the bunkhouse at 8.30am, but he was running late as he had to dig his car out - it had snowed the night before. He did live in Shap, so perhaps had a valuable excuse. Route: Bunkhouse-Coniston-Walna Scar Road-Goat's Water-Goat's Hause-Coniston Old Man-Low Water-Bunkhouse. Returned at ~1600.

See the actual trip book for some highlights of the day...

Last one out, turn out the lights (and lock the door...) (JH)

Joe, Paul, James, Lucy & Anshul

We were the last to leave, shortly after Tom A's group. After setting off along the track, I realised I'd left the map on the table, so I ran back to collect it. On catching up the rest of the group, I then realised we'd missed the turning.

Making our way up Wetherlam, we got talking to a trio of walkers, leaving them to head on towards Swirl How and on to Grey Friar. We stopped here for a spot of lunch, admiring the view towards the Isle of Man.

After lunch, we continues on to the Old Man, meeting one of the trio we'd met on Wetherlam. On asking where his friends were, it transpired that one had broken his arm a few minutes after we'd parted, and his other friend (a doctor) had escorted him off to hospital.

Notable quotes

  • Kirsty (to Joe): "That's a fairly long and weird logic" Jo: "Well that pretty much sums Joe up really doesn't it!"
  • James: "On me they were normal shorts, on Dave they were like Lederhosen"


From CUHWC Coniston, 26-28 November 2010

From CUHWC Coniston, 26-28 November 2010