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Edale, 17 October 2010

Sunday dawned frosty and clear as a coachload of hillwalkers sped up the M1 towards the Peak District. Even the Edale veterans among us had rarely seen the valleys, fields and moors looking so good! Eager to make the most of the day, we quickly split into groups and went our separate ways, mostly heading up onto the hulking mass of Kinder Scout. We enjoyed fantastic views along both north and south edges, and had fun exploring the peat hags and groughs of the plateau. At the end of the day, we reconvened at the Royal Hotel in Hayfield, taking over all the outside tables and spending a fair bit at the bar!


Jacob Abolafia, Tom Ashton, Joe Beecham, Ben Bonetti, Lizzy Brickley, Kirsty Brown, Phil Brown, Rosie Brownell, Greg Chadwick, Charlotte Chang, Eric Chang, Adam Clark, Stephen Cross, Jamie Dalzell, Tim Davies, Mohammad Dmour, Ori Even Zur, Carlos Ezcurra, Cara Ferrentino, Pascal Firges, Emma Fleetwood, Iain Flint, Peter Forbes, Michael Fordham, Yidong Gong, Julia Graham, Matthew Graham, Alastair Gregory, Bethan Gudgeon, Carlos Hernandez, Joe Hobbs, Martin Hufnagel, Doug Hull, Kaloyan Kapralov, Jeansun Lee, Betsy Mortensen, Ian Patrick, David Pettit, Lucy Richer, James Ritchie, Joe Rogers, Angelica Schiza, Marco Selvi, Becky Shercliff, Kedron Sislbee, Kat Smallwood, Jo Smith, Jildou Sterkenburgh, Kerrie Taylor-Jones, Vivek Thacker, Natalie Thompson, Simon Williams, Andrew Williamson, Crispian Wilson, Nathan Wilson, Elena Yudovina, +1 anonymous.


From CUHWC Edale, 17 October 2010