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Bagging Challenge

Announcing the Anniversary Bagging Challenge...

Following on from the successful Wainwrights challenge during the 25th anniversary year, our challenge for this year is…. The UK’s Historic County Tops (as defined in the Cicerone guidebook). It’s a very simple concept: between 1st October 2018 and 30th September 2019, we need someone to climb every one of the historic county tops and bag it in the name of CUHWC. Obviously, we’ll need a “summit selfie” as proof – the more entertaining the better. All the way from Brown Willy in Cornwall to Ronas Hill in Shetland, you’re never too far from a hill which needs climbing!

Club hero Ben Brunt has developed a Google Map to track our progress - you can see it here.

You can submit your bags on the form here. Pick your newest conquest from the list, and it'll be marked off on the map. You're very much encouraged to take a "summit selfie" which will immortalise your hillwalking exploits on the bagging map (see the photo linking guide below). Eyeing up an ascent but fancy some company? Why not post to the Discuss list or Facebook group and see if you pull a group together - particularly for the popular ones!

An attempt on Cambridgeshire’s summit top is planned for Sunday 21st October, so keep that day free if you want to come along – ice axes, harnesses and supplementary oxygen not required...

Happy bagging!

P.S. – David H promises a bottle of “good” whisky to whoever bags the Northern Isles duo…

With two months to go of the bagging challenge, 11 tops remain unbagged. These range from the might Carn Eige and Ben Macdui to the "curiously flat" Arbury Hill. I've set up a Google document to coordinate our efforts:

Bagging coordination doc

Please take a look and plan your bagging trips!

Linking photos to your bagging report

Because of the awkwardness of Google FusionTables, links you submit must go directly to the image (jpeg), not to a Google Photos album or similar. If you run into difficulties, submit any working link to the album and I'll sort out the direct image linking when I get round to it.

Bagging map forever

The bagging challenge is complete with a week of the anniversary year to go! Congratulations to all who took part!

Sadly, FusionTables is being decommissioned, and so the interactive bagging map will soon be no more. The record of bags and summit photos will be preserved on this Google map.