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  • President
    • Nick New (cuhwcpresident at at King's
  • Transport Secretary
    • Sam Willcocks (cuhwc-meets at
  • Social Secretary
    • Honour de Pledge and Oona Cooper (cuhwc-social at at Peterhouse and Emmanuel
  • Junior Treasurer
    • James Walsh (cuhwc-treasurer at at Girton
  • Safety Officer
    • Stanimira Georgieva (cuhwc-safety at at Newnham
  • Secretary
    • Oliver Neale (cuhwc-secretary at
  • Senior Treasurer
    • Dr Hugh Shercliff at Girton

  • Please start the subject line of your email with [CUHWC]

Other useful contacts

Mailing List: This is normally maintained by one or more of the committee; there is a separate address for subscription, unsubscription and any other issues.

Website: This website was designed and built by Matthew Graham and is maintained by the current committee. If you have any questions about the website, please email the webmaster.

Postal address:
CU Hillwalking Club
c/o Cambridge University Students’ Union 17 Mill Lane Cambridge CB21RX

Previous Committees

Year President Meets Secretary Social Secretary Junior Treasurer Safety Officer Membership Secretary
2022 Nick New Sam Willcocks Oona Cooper and Honour de Pledge James Walsh Stanimira Georgieva Oliver Neale
2021 Jeff Fang Elliot Baptist Annabel May Andrew Wang Susannah Pearce Oliver Neale
2020 Andrew Wang &
Lucy Johnson
Jeff Fang Annabel May &
Ben Tuck
Danny Vagnozzi (prev James Read) Oliver Normand &
Ben Houlton
Oliver Neale
2019 Mary Murray Andrew Wang Cameron Ramsay &
Ella Jollands
Péter Mernyei Danny Vagnozzi &
Patrick Taylor
Oliver Neale
2018 Sarah Martin &
Bronwen Fraser
Danny Vagnozzi Simon Matthews &
Mary Murray
Ben Harris Chris Hewetson Ella Jollands
2017 Matt Arran &
Chris Hewetson
Arthur Griffiths Anabel Martinez Ben Brunt Callum Reekie Sarah Martin
2016 David Hoyle Sumita Chakraborty Matt Arran &
Grasilda Zenkevičiūtė
Zekang Cheng Arion Pons Ben Brunt
2015 Philip Withnall Camilla Penney Adrien Lefauve David Hoyle Josh Abrahams Anthony Cooper
2014 Thomas Leach Philip Withnall Marcus Taylor &
Jade Cuttle
John Ockenden Andy Howell &
Rose Pearson
Laurent Michaux
2013 Vicky Ward Simon Williams Chris Arran Philip Withnall Thomas Leach Eleri Cousins
2012 Andrew Williamson Laura Burrows
/ Joe Hobbs
Becky Howard &
Helen Phillips
Kerrie Taylor-Jones /
Mike Simpson
Peter Kirkwood Vicky Ward
2011 Matthew Graham Dave Mackenzie Joe Hobbs &
Kate Humphris
Doug Hull Andrew Williamson Mark Jackson
2010 Jo Smith Tom Ashton Jane Patrick &
Bethan Gudgeon
Matthew Graham Joe Hobbs Kirsty Brown
2009 Dave Farrow Joe Hobbs Caroline Hepburn Oliver Strickson Oliver Knevitt Tim Middleton
2008 Simon Taylor Alex Pericleous Katrina Stewart Ian Patrick Simon Williams Valerie Brandt
2007 Lucy Wright /
David Crosse
Emily Bibens /
Lucy Wright
Emma Fleetwood Marianne Park Richard Stirzaker Simon Taylor
2006 Alex Tuck Alison Beresford Olivia Imperiali David Crosse Mark Wildman Tom Ogden
2005 Michael Fordham David Pettit Ruth Pettit Mark Wildman Will Carroll Rob Bradford
2004 Michael Ashdown Kate Faloon Christopher Eggleston Clare Knox Helen Davis Fran Churchard
2003 Ed Cooper Andrew Peel Kate Faloon Hazel Uppington Michael Ashdown Oliver Lockwood
2002 Rob Baldock David Pickavance Marion Mcmillan Russell Goodall Nick Macgregor Venetia Bell
2001 Peter Bell Oliver Lockwood Lottie Kelley Russell Goodall Advaith Siddharathan Rob Smith
2000 Tim Shire Becky James Susie Rayson Emma Hutt Kate Boccadoro David Surrey
1999 Gareth Mawdsley Sarah Miller Austin Donnelly James Lingard Ruth Mccaffrey
1998 Tom Pritchard Carly Pullen Sean Mcphail Mark Zumbuhl Jack Foxall
1997 Hilary Mcmillan Jane Brown Mary Daws Richard Stevenson Stephen Catterall
1996 Keith Stribley Jane Bryden Graham Horner Steve Hall Paul Appleby
1995 Sarah Hammond Nikki Mariani Louise Hawson &
Katherine Falconer
Richard Nicholson Mark Stevenson
1994 Andy Gibson Tim Haskins John Sleath Robin Hartley Nigel Whiteoak
1993 James Blake Adam Poulson Jane Strange Margaret Newby
1992 Jane Strange Simon Molyneux Adam Nelson Mark Purcell
1991 Nick Spedding Mark Roberts Sarah Danes Stuart Scott-Goldstone
1990 Mo Wilson (vacant) Mark Packer Pete Nellist Fellrunners' Rep: Matt Bramley
1989 Dave Barber Luke Wilde Mark Packer Maria (?)

Note: Prior to 2001, the post of Safety Officer was known as Equipment and Safety Officer.