Photography Policy

Cambridge University Hillwalking Club Photography Policy
Version 2023-11-05

This statement explains the Cambridge University Hillwalking Club (“we”, “our” and “CUHWC”) policy on image capture (“photography”) of the club’s members and trip participants (“members”) by other club members (“photographers”).

For photographers

This applies to anyone taking a photograph while on a trip

We love seeing photographs taken by members on trips and at club events and encourage you to do so and share them with us. As a photographer taking a photograph on a club trip, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone in the photograph has consented to being photographed. This must be done prior to taking a photo of someone for the first time.

If you upload your photographs to the shared Google Photos folder after the event, we may ask you for permission to feature your photographs in club publicity, for instance on the club’s website or social media accounts. We will not use them without your permission and will always credit you unless you don’t want to be credited.

For all members

This applies to all members of the club

You should not feel under any pressure or obligation to be captured in any photographs that you don’t want to be in. A photographer should always ask your consent to be included in a photograph. If you have any concerns while on a trip, talk to the Trip Lead or Trip Safety, who will have been introduced to you in the trip email and in the safety briefing.

We will not use photographs of you in any club capacity (website, social media, etc) without your separate consent.