Club Mascot

Ben More

Good news! We are delighted to announce that we have a new mascot called Ben More. Suitably named after a Scottish mountain (or maybe Mhòr). What an honour.

Feel free to add Ben More as a friend on Facebook to keep up with his adventures including his first day out.

Getting to know the past presidents

Ben feeling rather merry on Scales Trip 2014

Ben the Bear

Though he's never paid membership, Ben the (Koala) Bear was our mascot from the summer of 1991, when he was rescued from a skip behind the Cluanie Inn in Glen Shiel and named after the nearby hills. As he headed towards the inevitability of old age he had to have surgery several times but still managed to get out on the hills when the weather was nice.

You can add Ben as a friend on Facebook to relive his legendary excursions.

Ben on the Malvern Hills day-trip in March 2010

Ben's whereabouts are currently unknown. Whilst the club has never given up hope, we have come to the decision that a new mascot should be adopted.