Collective Wainwright bagging

A club-and-duffer effort to summit all 214 Wainwrights within the anniversary year.

Update 4th October 2014

The challenge has been SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED, as you will see from the map linked below! Thanks to all who participated and especially to Joe for keeping the records and keeping us on track. Watch this space for a more detailed write-up of the project (promised by Michael if anyone cares to pester him about it), and in the meantime you can see who did what by hovering over all the green dots on the map.

Tell us what you've done

If you've climbed a Wainwright since the beginning of October 2013, enter it on the database so we can all see who's done what, and how we're doing!

Enter as much detail as possible, and you can of course add your stories and links to photo albums!

Click here to update the list.

See how far we've got!

Click here to see the map.

The red dots will change to green once they've been 'bagged'.

Please note that the map is updated manually. Drop Joe Hobbs (jlh79 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk) an email if you've made changes recently and want the map updated!