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Arion Pons on behalf of 12 CUHWC members, February 2017

Grant recipient(s): 
Ben B, Juliette M, David Z, Toby L, Nebibe V, Ramya G, Marton G, James O, Antonio A, Aicha W, Michael B, James T
Course description: 

2-day REC2 First Aid Course run by Worsley training on the 18th-19th February, in Cambridge.

Grant awarded: 
£39 each

The club's annual REC2 First Aid course is a chance for members to upskill in the area of mountain first aid and injury care. As such it is an important part of keeping the club's day-to-day trip activities safe.

The class involved some theory, practicals, and acted-out scenarios. Participants covered "skills that would be pertinent to any outdoor or indoor situation like checking vital signs, CPR, and treating a patient who is choking. Then, we covered skills more specific to wilderness and hillwalking such as hypothermia and even altitude sickness."

Feedback from the course:

  • "Having little prior knowledge about first aid, this course was immensely useful to me."
  • "The instructor had a really effective teaching style. The diversity of teaching tools helped us stay engaged and it solidified the information. She also shared a lot of anecdotes and continuously asked us for feedback on what we wanted to know."
  • "I feel the course is quite useful, giving a systematic teaching about all the skills we need to do the outdoor first aid. Lots of practices were organised through the course and it helps much to make the theory to be part of us. Thanks a lot."
  • "Maybe we could design more complicated situations to mimic the real incident we might encounter."
  • "A lot to take in within a short period of time - but that’s the nature of a 2-day course I suppose."