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Valerie Brandt, June 2009

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Valerie Brandt
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Bronze Map and Compass Course in the Peak District
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A great course for those new to navigation is the Pete Hawkins Bronze map and compass course. You will be introduced to the nuances of navigating over the course of two evening lectures and two practice days in Tideswell, in the Peak District.

Pete goes beyond the Bronze syllabus and allows you to practise not just map reading, but also compass navigation in a small group setting. Pete has 25+ years of hillwalking experience, and knows how to tailor the course at an individualised level, making him an ideal teacher.

I learned a whole lot in a really relaxed atmosphere, and the course was easy to get to by public transportation. If you need a place to stay, I recommend Poppies B&B as is it as cheap as a youth hostel, is ideally situated for the course, and is actually quite nice! I certainly would recommend this course for beginner navigators!