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EGM Minutes, Wednesday 11th March 2015

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Minutes for the CUHWC EGM, 11/03/2015

Chair: Mr Thomas Leach

Secretary: Mr Anthony Cooper

Also Present: Andrew Howell, Camilla Penney, Adrien Lefauve, David Hoyle, Joshua Abrahams, Thomas Ashton, Zekang Cheng, John Ockenden, Lucie Studena, Andrew Williamson

Apologies for Absence

Paul Cook

Rose Pearson

Philip Withnall

Election of the President of the Executive Committee

There was one nomination for the role, Philip Withnall

  • Since he wasn’t able to be present he left some words for the Chair to say

    -He has been a member of the club, and would like to help it through difficult spells

    -Isn’t RON

The Chair then opened for discussion and questions to current committee members

  • Tom Leach

    -Phil probably will not be the president for a full year

    -Another EGM will be needed – however a better planned changeover will be possible, with Phil not planning a sudden resignation – he will give warning, at which point an EGM can be planned for a Thursday pub at least 2 weeks later

    -Possibly will need to reallocate roles within the committee to spread load off of the president

    -An EGM may be needed to alter the constitution to better allow for the resignation of the president

  • John Ockenden

    -To the committee – Whilst it can be seen that you are addressing the symptoms of the President leaving, by finding and electing a new President, members cannot see you addressing the cause of him leaving?

  • Camilla Penney, Joshua Abrahams and David Hoyle

    -It was a personal decision taken by Marcus to resign from his role

    -Therefore not really possible to take action against

    -But also unlikely to happen again

  • John Ockenden leaves meeting

Philip Withnall is duly elected President – 11 Votes for, 0 Absentions

Any Other Business

  • No

Thomas Leach closed the meeting