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Club Library

Here is a list of all of the books and maps that the club owns. If you wish to borrow any of the items listed below, please contact the Safety Officer.

Guide Books

Lake District

  • A Companion To Wainwright’s Pictorial Guide To The Lakeland Fells - Joan Newsome
  • Scrambles In The Lake District (Volume 1: Southern Lakes) - Brian Evans
  • Scrambles In The Lake District (Volume 2: Northern Lakes) - Brian Evans
  • Wainwright’s Favourite Lakeland Mountains – Alfred Wainwright
  • Wainwright In The Valleys Of Lakeland - Alfred Wainwright
  • The Roof of England - A H Griffin
  • Inside the Real Lakeland - A H Griffin
  • Pageant of Lakeland - A H Griffin
  • Winter Climbs In The Lake District - Bob Bennett, Bill Birkett & Brian Davison

The Pennines

  • Discovering The Pennines - Van Greaves
  • Pennine Way - Damian Hall
  • Pennine Way Companion - Alfred Wainwright
  • Wainwright On The Pennine Way - Alfred Wainwright


  • The Munro Almanac - Cameron McNeish
  • Wainwright In Scotland - Alfred Wainwright


  • Classic Walks In Wales - Steve Ashton
  • The Welsh Learner's Dictionary - Heini Gruffudd
  • Scrambles In Snowdonia - Steve Ashton

Yorkshire Dales

  • Peaks Of The Yorkshire Dales - John Gillham & Phil Iddon


  • Britain’s Highest Peaks - Jeremy Ashcroft
  • England - The Rough Guides
  • Guide To The National Trails Of Britain & Ireland - Paddy Dillon
  • Hillwalking - Steve Long
  • More Relative Hills Of Britain - Mark Jackson
  • The Edge - Cameron McNeish & Richard Else
  • The Night Climbers Of Cambridge - Whipplesnaith
  • The Underground Atlas - John Middleton & Tony Waltham
  • Untrodden Ways - Nick Channer
  • Valais Alps East - Les Swindin & Peter Fleming
  • The Endless Knot - Kurt Diemberger
  • Long Days in the Hills - A H Griffin
  • The Search for Mallory & Irvine - Peter Firstbrook
  • Everest - Al Burgess & Jim Palmer
  • Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine
  • Everest - Reinhold Messner
  • Discover Maps with Ordnance Survey - Patricia & Steve Harrison
  • How To Solve Cryptic Crosswords
  • Hungry Hillwalker
  • Walks on the Howgill Fells - Alfred Wainwright
  • Wainwright’s Coast To Coast Walk - Alfred Wainwright

BMC Publications

  • ‘Safety On Mountains’ VHS
  • 'Safety On Mountains' Book
  • ‘Climbing Outside’ Booklet
  • ‘Abseiling: Get It Right’ Booklet
  • ‘Crampons & Ice Axes’ Booklet
  • ‘Care & Maintenance’ Booklet
  • The First Fifty Years Of The British Mountaineering Council - Geoff Milburn
  • ‘The Green Guide To The Uplands’ Booklet


Maps marked “OL” are Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 maps, and have lots of detail – best for remote, unfamiliar areas with few obvious natural features, where detailed navigation is necessary. Maps marked “LR” are Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 maps; these contain less detail – smaller, less significant paths are omitted where they might be included in OL maps. These are better for longer treks covering large distances over multiple days, where OL maps would be impractical. BMC maps are 1:40,000, so are not as detailed as OL’s, but more so than LR’s. BMC maps are specifically tailored to cover areas of interest for hillwalking and mountaineering (where you might have a really annoying city plonked in the middle of your Ordnance Survey Map), so you won’t need an awkwardly wide range of different maps to cover the area you want. They also include a lot of extra information relevant to hillwalkers (such as colour coding for elevation and terrain), but less of the irrelevant stuff! Finally, they are also printed on plastic, making them lightweight, durable and waterproof.

North West

  • 7x OL4 Lakes NW
  • 7x OL5 Lakes NE
  • 11x OL6 Lakes SW
  • 13x OL7 Lakes SE
  • 12x BMC Lakes
  • 1x OL303
  • 1x OS Touring Map 3 - Lake District
  • 2x LR90
  • 2x LR91
  • 1x LR96
  • 7x OL19
  • 1x OL41


  • 5x OL2 YD W&S
  • 4x OL30 YD North
  • 5x BMC Yorkshire Dales
  • 1x LR98
  • 3x LR110
  • 2x OL26
  • 2x OL27
  • 3x BMC NYM

North East

  • 3x OL16
  • 8x OL31
  • 1x OL42
  • 1x OL43
  • 3x LR80

Peak District

  • 3x White Peak - OL24
  • 10x Dark Peak - OL1

Southern Uplands

  • 1x LR72
  • 4x LR78
  • 4x LR79

Scottish Highlands

  • 1x LR33
  • 1x LR41
  • 1x OL414
  • 1x BMC Cairngorm
  • 1x BMC Knoydart
  • 3x BMC Ben Nevis

Dartmoor & Exmoor

  • 2x OL9
  • 6x OL28

North Wales

  • 10x OL17
  • 4x OL18
  • 8x OL23
  • 1x LR115
  • 2x BMC Snowdonia
  • 1x BMC Snowdonia South

Central Wales & Brecon Beacons

  • 6x OL12
  • 7x OL13
  • 2x LR160
  • 3x LR135
  • 2x OL213
  • 1x OL214
  • 5x OL216


  • 3x OL45
  • 4x OL123
  • 2x OL181
  • 2x OL190
  • 5x OL217
  • 1x LR132
  • 1x LR133
  • 1x LR167