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21st October Bagging Challenge 'Ceremonial Beginning'

Hi Everyone,

This page is for expressing interest (no commitment) in this trip.

This will be on the 21st of October to Great Chishill (Cambridgeshire) and Chrishall Common (Essex) County Tops. The plan is to get the train to Royston from Cambridge Station (meet at 8:30am).

The walk is around 10 miles from Royston ending in Great Chishill, where there is a great pub (The Pheasant). After this people can organise taxis back to Royston for the train, or can walk (another 5 miles) if they're still keen!

I expect that this will allow people to get the train back to Cambridge around 4pm but if you get a Super Off-Peak Day Return then you can go home whenever you like.

Ice axes, harnesses and supplementary oxygen not required...