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Chiltern Hills Day Trip, 22nd May

Eager for an effort free and environmentally friendly approach to day trips, the President decided that the Easter Term day trip was to be do the Chiltern Hills, and that we would be travelling by train. This meant that there was no obligation to come until you bought your train tickets on the morning - beautiful weather meant that many decided to come at the last minute!

We travelled to either Berkhamsted or Tring, depending on the chosen walk. My group headed through open fields, deer parks and woodland to reach Ivinghoe Beacon, a respectable viewpoint across the Chilterns. We returned by a mediocre pub, but at least there was beer.

Matt A led a walk over towards Wendover Woods, and got a little carried away: they returned after 31.5km! I think we can safely say they earned their Chinese Takeway dinner.

Overall, I think everyone had a pleasent trip, and that the train format is one to be repeated: it minimises work for the committee, is fairly affordable, and means that people can drop in/out of the trip according to their workload and other commitments. The Chilterns may not have the wildness of the Peak District, but they are certainly closer, and the quality of the walking is not to be dismissed!