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CUHWC Stash Order - Bridgemas 2019

The time has come for the annual stash order, and we are changing the game.

Bow ties

Silk bow ties created by Cambridge's own Ryder & Amies. Be the talk of the ball or over-dressed on the hill with one of these distinctive ties wrought in the club's colours. These will cost £30 each.

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A club favourite, a microfibre craghopper jumper embroidered with the club's logo. These jumpers will cost approximately £30 each.

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Puffer jackets

A new addition to the stash line up, puffer jackets embroidered with the club's logo. Look stylish around Cambridge and keep warm on the hill with this exciting addition to the line up. This is a new piece of stash and as a result we are waiting for numbers of interested members before fixing a price, but we anticipate these being around £35.

Dressing gowns and slippers

Stay warm in the bunkhouse while simultaneously being the envy of all. A towel dressing gown embroidered with the club's logo, complimented perfectly with a matching embroidered pair of slippers. Due to the novel nature of these items, we require numbers before being firm on a price, but anticipate them being around £30 and £7 respectively.

Pint glasses

Another classic, and a constant reminder of the true purpose of the club. Our branded pint glasses are £5 the profits of which go directly to mountain rescue.

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