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Pembroke Formal- Monday May 14th

FORMAL FULL (Sign up for reserve places)

Our next club formal is MONDAY May 14th at 7.30PM at Pembroke formal. Come join to meet new hillwalkers or catch up with familiar faces - we'll meet at the Plodge for 7.00PM. There is no corkage for wine brought from outside college, but you can also buy wine there beforehand.

The price is £14.60 per ticket, and as always, sign-up is first come, first served! Please do so here. If you have a place we will email you to confirm, and ask you to send us a bank transfer as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: BY SIGNING UP, YOU ARE CONFIRMING YOUR PLACE AT THE FORMAL. If you sign up, but don't pay/let me know you aren't able to come, until too close to the time of the dinner to find a replacement, you will be responsible for paying for the ticket.

e.g. vegetarian, vegan, allergies...