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Trinity Formal Sign-Up

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Dear Hillwalkers,

Pick up your top hats 'cos we hillwalkers are hobbling on over to formal at Trinity College on Thursday 29th January, and a space could be yours! What finer locus is there to tickle your taste-buds before CUHWC's Annual Dinner in early February at St. John's, equally renown for its fine dining. The only delicacy that'll be finer will be the hillwalker company and chat, most likely about hills, but maybe about mountains too. We'll toddle on over, wine consumption depending, to our usual watering hole of the Castle Inn for our pub meet as usual 9:30pm Thursdays.

Please fill in the form below as soon as possible if you'd like to attend. We'll send through confirmation of your place including details of price and instructions for payment prior to the event.

Don't forget you can sign up for Annual Dinner at St John's still on our website too. We only have a few spaces left!

Your lovely social secs, Jade & Marcus