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Lent Newsletter 3: The End is Nigh...

Hello everyone! Sign-up to our annual dinner. Do it here. Do it now.

  1. Annual Accounts
  2. Forest Evasion

3. Annual Dinner

1. AGM and Annual Accounts

Since it is but one short week to our AGM, you can find attached to this email a summary of our accounts over the previous financial year, which ended on the 31/01/2016. There are three documents: a financial report, an overall summary of our performance, and a detailed breakdown. If you have any comment on the accounts, please submit them to Zekang ( & myself in advance of the AGM, where they shall be answered.

Nominations are still open for committee positions (until Monday 6th February). Please do stand for a position – the club can’t run without a committee, and you genuinely will enjoy your time serving.

The AGM will be held in Magdalane College’s Cripps Court Meeting Room 3, off Chesterton Road. A reminder of the positions available:

  • President (David, dh487): books bunkhouses, runs trips, sends bulletins (and lots of other emails) and is in charge of the club overall.

  • Meets (Sumita, sc704): organises transport for trips.

  • Social (Matt & Grazilda, mia31 & gz265): organise lunches, Annual Dinner, Garden Party, formals and other socials in Cambridge and on trips.

  • Safety (Arion, adp53): in charge of club equipment and members' safety on trips.

  • Junior Treasurer (Zekang, cz295): keeps the accounts; writes and pays in cheques; engages in prolonged battles with banks.

  • Membership (Ben, bhb26): keeps the membership database and email lists up to date; provides general secretarial support to other committee members

2. Forest Evasion

For the last few years, CUHWC has entered the slightly whacky Forest Evasion competition. It involves some combination of chasing or being chased around Thetford Forest, and is apparently a whole lot of fun. Apparently. This year's event is being held over the weekend of the 22nd/23rd April. If you're interested in competing, get in touch, and I'll keep a list of names to hand on to the next committee.

3. Annual Dinner - Last Chance to Sign-Up!

You still have a few days left to sign-up to our Annual Dinner in St. John's on 12th February. This isn't just a formal: we have a private room hired and have picked our own three course menu. It's a proper black tie occasion, and one not to be missed. Sign up now!

Best wishes - hope to see you all before long!