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Lent Newsletter 4

Hello all!

As one of your new presidents, I have now come to terms with just how much effort one of these emails is...hopefully it's not too long.

Just to explain how the joint presidency will work: I (Chris) will be running the trips to the Duddon Valley this term. Matt will be running the day trip to Shropshire, the weekend trip to Rhyd Ddu and the Glencoe trip in the Easter Vacation.


Duddon Valley (not Langdale) - will be next weekend (24-26 February), for some great walking and scrambling in the South Lakes. Sign-up will be the coming Monday (20th) and the bunkhouse is the Dalehead Bunkbarn at LA206EG and can sleep 36.

There is also going to be a navigation course being ran by Tom Leach (Mountain Leader) over the weekend. It's free of charge, but if people could pay a refundable deposit of £20 along with their trip fee, that would be great. Currently there are 2 spaces remaining, so let me know if you want a place soon!

Shropshire - the day trip here will be on 5th March. Matt will send out more information before then.

Rhyd Ddu - will be in 3 weeks time (10-12 March), to a bunkhouse in Wales (obviously!), which the club has enjoyed visiting in the past.


As normal, sign-up for the Duddon Valley trip will be outside St. John's College (The Great Gate) at 8.00am on Monday 20th February. Places are allocated in order of arrival time — so arrive early (well before 08:00) to be sure of getting a place. You will need to be a member to come on the trip, but you can join on Monday morning — see this page for details about trips and sign-ups and to view the membership form.

If you have a bona-fide reason why you can't make sign-up, then you can apply for a pre-sign by emailing me before Saturday 18th February. Out of fairness to everyone who gets up early on Monday morning, there’s a limited number of pre-signs: I'll let you know on Sunday if you've got a space on the trip, or if you'll be on the reserve list.

We’ll leave Cambridge around 17:00 on Friday 24th and be back by midnight (easily) on Sunday 6th — see trip information for more details about how trips work. You’ll need all the usual kit — go to this page for a list of stuff the club can lend you, and email the Safety Officer, Callum with any kit questions. Any other questions, feel free to drop me an email.

Best wishes,

Chris (ed.: Matt)