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Lent Newsletter 5


With one trip not yet off, it's already time to sort another, so if you couldn't make this weekend, come on our:

Stiperstones Day Trip, 5th March

Meet Churchill, 7a.m., back 6.30p.m., £20 undergrad, £25 otherwise Sign-up

Got Saturday lectures? Cells need caring for over the weekend? Unable to make weekend trips for some other reason? Then come along to our day trip to the Stiperstones in the Shropshire Hills, just on the Welsh border. It's got good hills, nice ridges with dramatic tors, and it's not often you get to run into Wales and back in a day. We'll be leaving Cambridge from outside Churchill at 7a.m., and arriving back around 6.30p.m. Sign-up's via the webform above, and we'll be trying a differential pricing structure, with the cost £20 for undergrads, and £25 for everyone else. Club membership's required, but it's possible to join the club this week.

CUMC event: El Capitan Solo - talk by Pete Whittaker, 6th March

Facebook event

If you like hearing about dangling off big rocks, they don't come much bigger (or much danglier) than this. I can't do justice to the craziness of the feat, so I'll let the event give the details.

All best, Matt