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Lent Newsletter 2

Hello everyone!

It definitely snowed a bit today, although probably not enough to count as practice for our Winter Skills course. In the meantime...

  1. Cheviots Trip
  2. AGM - stand!
  3. First Aid and Navigation Course

1. Cheviots Trip, 3rd-5th February, £42

Next weekend, we have our first trip of the term, to the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland. We're staying in the old YH at Mounthooly, at the end of the remote College valley and just a few hundred metres from the Scottish border. If you like your hills wild and round, or even just love the A1, this is a trip for you.

As always, sign-up will be outside St. John's College (The Great Gate) at 8.00am on Monday 30th January. Places are allocated in order of arrival time — so arrive early (well before 08:00) to be sure of getting a place. You will need to be a member to come on the trip, but you can join on Monday morning — see this page for details about trips and sign-ups and to view the membership form.

If you have a bona-fide reason why you can't make sign-up, then you can apply for a pre-sign by emailing me before Saturday 28th January. Out of fairness to everyone who gets up early on Monday morning, there’s a limited number of pre-signs: I'll let you know on Sunday if you've got a space on the trip, or if you'll be on the reserve list.

We’ll leave Cambridge around 17:00 on Friday 3rd and be back by midnight (easily) on Sunday 5th — see trip information for more details about how trips work. You’ll need all the usual kit — go to this page for a list of stuff the club can lend you, and email the Safety Officer, Arion with any kit questions. Any other questions, feel free to drop me an email.

2. Annual General Meeting

As previously advertised, our AGM is being held on the 9th February. You're strongly encouraged to come along and interrogate the previous committee on their performance. Standing for a position is also a great experience: all you need to do is be nominated and seconded — there'll be plenty of people around at any club event who'll be willing to to do this, and there should be nomination forms about on the club socials and trips this term. Alternatively, you can email me. If you want to ask any questions about a position before you stand, you can email the incumbents:

  • President (David, dh487): books bunkhouses, runs trips, sends bulletins (and lots of other emails) and is in charge of the club overall
  • Meets (Sumita, sc704): organises transport for trips
  • Social (Matt & Grazilda, mia31 & gz265): organise lunches, Annual Dinner, Garden Party, formals and other socials in Cambridge and on trips
  • Safety (Arion, adp53): in charge of club equipment and members' safety on trips
  • Junior Treasurer (Zekang, cz295): keeps the accounts; writes and pays in cheques; engages in prolonged battles with banks
  • Membership (Ben, bhb26): keeps the membership database and email lists up to date; provides general secretarial support to other committee members

3. First Aid Course

The club is running a REC Level 2 outdoor first aid course on the weekend of 18th/19th February. The course covers all the basic first aid skills you need to deal with hillwalking and outdoor situations, and will involve a lot of practical exercises. Thanks to a 50% grant expected from the AGTF, the course costs only £39 total per person for club members! This cost covers two days of first aid training (09:00 to 17:00 Saturday and Sunday) and is much cheaper than training available elsewhere. To sign-up, email me (, and I'll send you the payment details. We have 12 spaces available so sign up soon! (If you've emailed me already please re-email to confirm).

No prerequisites are required; but this course serves as the prerequisite for the advanced REC Level 4 course, which the club is planning on running in the Easter term. Stay tuned for details - and let me know if you are interested!

With all his love,

Your CUHWC Safety Officer

Best wishes - hope to see you all before long!