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Caseg Ffraith, 11—13 November 2016

Author: Zekang C

Trip summary

The trip to Caseg Ffraith was the largest trip this term. 42 people managed to get a place in the trip and more people turned up at St. John's on Monday morning who were unsuccessful in receiving places. Maria B showed up at St. John's at 6:00 am, although at another gate!

The weather was not pleasant enough on both days. On Saturday, most people went south to Tryfan. Rose and Andy went east bagging reservoirs and they seemed to have the best weather on Saturday. George went out for a hardcore 47k run (if my memory is correct). On Sunday Rogelio and Felix left early for Snowdon while most groups went north. David, Andy, Ben and I had great fun scrambling to the summit of Tryfan.

The hightlight of the weekend was the Saturday evening. One group failed to have their planned dessert as the club salt was labelled sugar and was added to the apple pudding. But the salty pudding was very tasty and was finished almost instantly. Due to the cold weather, mulled wine was served by Andrew and 34 people shared 12 bottles. CUMC joined us later and there were more than 50 people in the bunkhouse singing. This included the the "Stand" verse of the "Cow Song", which was as always a smash hit. After singing, we spent quite a while playing board games, cards or Bananagrams before sleeping. It was a jolly good evening.

Trip participants

David H (TL), Arion P (TSO), Paul C, Marie S, Rose P, Andrew W, Andy H, Susannah P, Jacques S, Marcel P, Kuba S, Jens A, Maria B, Anna S, Kara F, Michael S, Chun Man C, Ramya G, Hannah W, Tom W, Felix K, Zekang C, Juliette M, Adrien LF, Yuze W, Fedir K, George B, Matthew G, Rogelio L-L, Austin H, Emma H, Sophie M, Antonio R, Miriam G, Morgan S, Scott S, James T, Harriet C, Molly V, Ben H, Eky F, Rory G.