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UK mountain regions

UK snow conditions

General UK and worldwide weather

Forecasts on Radio

BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio Cumbria

BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Scotland

Long wave Freq.

<p align="center" class="caption">198 kHz </p>
<p align="center" class="caption">N/A</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">N/A</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">N/A</p>

FM Freq.

<p align="center" class="caption">92.5-95 MHz</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">95-97 &amp; 104-105 MHz</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">iffy!</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">92-95 MHz</p> 

AM Freq.

<p align="center" class="caption">N/A</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">756, 836 &amp; 1458 kHz</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">882 &amp; 657 kHz</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">810 kHz </p>

Forecast (hh:mm)

<p align="center" class="caption">xx:57 (daily) where<br />xx=06, 07, 12 or 17 </p>
<p align="center" class="caption">06:35 (daily)<br />07:35 (daily)</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">19:02(weekdays)<br />06:59 (weekends)</p>
<p align="center" class="caption">18:57 (weekdays)<br />07:02 (Sat)<br />18:25 (Sat)</p>

Other Links

Satellite images

Telephone forecast for the Lake District

  • You'll have to get off your backside to use this one (but you can use it from more places than the Web-based ones): the Lake District fells weather forecast is on (01768) 775757. It's updated twice per day (at 08:00 and 17:30) and usually includes a warden's report from Helvellyn. To my knowledge this is the only specialist mountain weather forecast service left which is not on a premium-rate number, so use it while it lasts!

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