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Sarah Martin on behalf of 11 CUHWC members, March 2018

Grant recipient(s): 
Sarah M, Bronwen F, Chris H, Simon M, Ben L, Matt L, Yangzi J, Mallika B, Dom C, Johanna F, Guido S
Course description: 

Winter skills course in Glencoe

Grant awarded: 
£35 per person

The club ran a successful trip to Glencoe with a focus on winter hillwalking. To build skills and confidence in winter conditions, two 2-day winter skills courses were ran during the course of the trip (one with Iain Gallagher of Kendal Mountaineering Services and the other with Dave Farrow, ex-CUHWC president).

The trip started off with some sketchy weather but the forecast gradually improved, culminating with a cold, sunny final day to the trip (and a new CUHWC letters photo, see website home page).

Some course feedback:
'Instruction seemed detailed and thorough, with plenty of practical tips'
'Overall, a great course and I feel a lot more confident to head out in winter.'
'As far as feedback for the trip goes, I thought the length of time was good and that the Winter Skills course with Ian was outstanding, and that Glencoe is a beautiful area.'
'The course was really good and I felt like I really profited from it, particularly the next day when we could test out the things we learnt.'