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Church Stretton, 13 March 2011

Less than a week after we returned from Swaledale, we were off again, this time on a day trip. As the day dawned bright and sunny above us, we sped down the M5 heading for the little village of Church Stretton, apparently nicknamed the "Zermatt of Shropshire". While this may be stretching the point, the hills of the Long Mynd and Caer Caradoc are surprisingly well formed, and provided us all with some cracking walks, which featured seven people crowding onto the Pole Bank viewfinder, a sheep being rescued from a barbed wire fence, some bouldering and some impressive scrambling on the Caer itself...


Kirsty Brown, Esme Chapman, Louisa Dinwiddie, Mohammad Dmour, Peter Forbes, Michael Fordham, Bethan Gudgeon, Anna Gurevich, Joe Hobbs, Doug Hull, Mark Jackson, Emily Mynott, Julia Narees, David Pettit, Anitha Thillaisundaram, Jessie Vahrenkamp, Andrew Williamson, Elena Yudovina


From 12. CUHWC Long Mynd Day Trip

From 12. CUHWC Long Mynd Day Trip

From 12. CUHWC Long Mynd Day Trip


Very glad to see you've added these trip book entries. You've even added some to this online version that don't appear in the trip book. Is that allowed?!

One must ask, however, haven't you got something better to do with exams looming..? In fact, no, I retract that comment; you definitely don't have anything better to do - nothing can beat hillwalking-related procrastination!

It's Sunday. Sunday is my day off. Else I die. :-)

And I agree with the last sentence... short of actual hillwalking...

I was actually quite surprised to find, upon reading your comment, that it was indeed Sunday! Oh dear...

I should add that your taking time off is consequently wholly justified. Just that the same doesn't apply to some of us.