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Ennerdale, 10-12 June 2011

For most people, this trip marked an end-of-exam celebration and so a large group of hillwalkers headed to the remote Ennerdale in the Lake District, where we stayed in Lower Gillerthwaite Field Centre. There were plenty of walking and climbing opportunities nearby, with one group each day choosing to climb Pillar Rock. Other groups opted to walk various versions of the Ennerdale Horseshoe - including one epic walk that walked the entire skyline! There was plenty of merriment on Saturday evening and we even managed to (almost) get through all verses of the Cow Song! Several chose to extend the trip afterwards and backpacked across the Lake District to Windermere.


Andrew Williamson, Mohammad Dmour, Michael Fordham, Tom Ashton, Tom Wright, Paul Cook, Jon Matthews, Gordon Williams, Helen Phillips, Bethan Gudgeon, Amy Bonsor, Marianne Park, David Pettit, Alex Pericleous, Alison Beresford, Chris Wade, Kirsty Brown, Kate Humphris, Jo Smith, Dave Farrow, Mark Jackson, Greg Chadwick, Joe Hobbs, Anne Moindrot, David Mackenzie, Valerie Brandt, Julia Narees, Alice Turski, Daniel Sigle, Larissa Moore, Carol Cheng, Ruth Pettit & Toby Speight.

Walk Reports

Small Ennerdale Horseshoe (DF)

Jo, Jon, Dave, Amy, Greg & Larissa.

Jon, Amy and Larissa arrived back 30 minutes later after having a tricky traverse while skirting Pillar. We got back very hungry and slightly wet. On descent from Haycock it started raining heavily, so we put full waterproofs on. After walking over Haycock, we found a way down. From Pillar, we continued fast along the ridge (jelly-bean- & fudge-powered), missing Steeple, out west. The 'long' ascent of Pillar was taken steadily, watching many fell runners going the other way. Pillar looks like a nice big remote mountain. Jon, Amy and Larissa were found eating their third lunch after a good descent off Kirk Fell. (Despite other previous reports.) Jon, Amy and Larissa decided to skirt around Kirk Fell and go down the valley, leaving Dave to attempt to catch DP up on Kirk Fell (he was only 45 minutes ahead and going at full speed). Andrew's group met us and complimented our route choice (not realising we had not come from the Gables). We were under half way and thinking we should speed up. Green Gable & Great Gable were skirted around to shorten the day (and because they are always done, and rarely gazed upon from below). Second lunch had just after Haystacks (stacks of people as well), near the tarn. Descent off High Stile and over High Crag done slowly, talking much. First lunch (11.30) was had after ascending High Stile. After getting to within 50m of Red Pike, it was decided not to bag it, and we sensibly continued along the ridge. The day started sunnily and luckily we stayed out of the cloud all day. The route card stated an 08.45 start, so at 09.50 we wandered out of the bunkhouse. The sentences in this report are in reverse order.

Notable Quotes

  • Mark: Just because we like bagging, doesn't mean we like buggering [on the relationship between Mark & Andrew]
  • Alison: I think Fisherfield is further south than I think it is!
  • Helen: I wouldn't walk with [David Pettit], but I would eat (with) him
  • Kirsty: That bag was full of grass... Matthew: Herbs!
  • Tom is hurriedly reversing the minibus into a narrow passing place...
    • Dave M: WAARK! [Minibus stops]
    • Tom: What was that?
    • Dave M: That was a bush...
    • Dave F: I didn't know bushes made that noise...


From 27 & 28. CUHWC Ennerdale Trip

From 27 & 28. CUHWC Ennerdale Trip

From 27 & 28. CUHWC Ennerdale Trip