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Crowden, 11 March 2012

We were treated to glorious weather for our final trip of Lent 2012, which was a day trip to Crowden, an area of the Dark Peak that the club hasn’t visited since Easter Term 2004. This was a popular trip, with 32 CUHWC members descending on Crowden. One group followed the Pennine Way north to Black Hill; a second (comprising no fewer than 17 people!) did a circuit to the south, taking in Bleaklow Head and Higher Shelf Stones. The remaining 8 people chose a linear walk from Crowden, over Bleaklow Head, Higher Shelf Stones and other 'peaks', to finish at the Dog and Partridge Inn. Groughs (and the associated jumps, falls and squelches) featured prominently in the day's walks. Due to a high demand for food, our chosen pub was unable to cater for everyone, so a couple of people went hungry! But, we still enjoyed the warmth and comfort at the end of a wonderful day.

Trip Participants

Andrew Williamson, Peter Kirkwood, Michael Fordham, Tom Ashton, Rowena Smith, Mohammad Dmour, Paul Cook, David Pettit, Elena Yudovina, Andy Crosby, Stuart Bell, Valentina Assenova, Christie Nel, Hendrik Strauss, Lizzy Brickley, Mark Jackson, Tom Hall, Boris Bukh, Matt Hickford, Gareth Ainsworth, Julian Peat, Nathalie Saurat, Becky Shercliff, Valerie Ashton, Rachel Pomeroy, David Pomeroy, Leen Saif, Goody Gibbins, Jessica Walsh, Andrés Villar, Denise Laroze & Laura Imperatori.

Notable Quotes

  • Mark: Being stupid is not unique to people from the north
  • Andrew: It was nice to walk with normal people on Patterdale - it meant I could talk about marriage and babies
  • Becky S: I'm really tempted to fall flat on my face in a peat grough... this stuff feels like compost!
  • Mark: Andrew and I are atypical in almost every possible way


From 14. CUHWC Crowden Day Trip

From 14. CUHWC Crowden Day Trip

From 14. CUHWC Crowden Day Trip