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Edale, 16 October 2011

As is normal for the club, the first trip of the academic year went to Edale in the Dark Peak. A coach of (mostly) new members arrived at Edale to be greeted with drizzle and low clouds. With the promise of improved weather later during the day, nobody was deterred and joined whichever walk took their fancy. The club (or the bagging-obsessed Safety Officer...) decided to run a new walk this year that paid a visit to the actual (seldom-visited) summit of Kinder Scout. This was a popular choice amongst trip participants. Other groups walked along the edges of the plateau, south along the Lose Hill-Brown Knoll ridge or directly across to Hayfield via Edale Cross. Thankfully, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and we finished in warm sunshine. All groups arrived at Hayfield in plenty of time to sample the Royal Hotel's ales (and food) before our return to Cambridge.


Matthew Graham, Andrew Williamson, David Mackenzie, Joe Hobbs, Kate Humphris, Doug Hull, Mark Jackson, Bethan Gudgeon, Kirsty Brown, Becky Howard, Andrena Ball, Irina Stefan, Laura Bellamy, Josh Bough, Andrés Villar, Matthew Heaton, Kenzie Bok, Tom Hall, Peter Sims, Sheh Nazri, Alexandra Kotwica, Steven Lovelock, Amy White, Margaret Cunniff, Laura Imperatori, Toby Crisford, Celia Laur, Allison Truhlar, Aileen Cameron, Claire Huxley, Greg Doran, Phil Brown, Laura Burrows, Aga Wabik, Charlie Allso, Tahini Mehta, Alex Jones, Vicky Ward, Peter Kirkwood, Ruth Ezra, Simeon Koole, Phillip Ronecker, Lizzy Brickley, Clara Seah, Li Ling Quek & Harriet Burdett.

Jo Smith, Dave Farrow, Jane Patrick, Simon Williams and Tom Wright weren't there, but were about 10 miles away...

Notable Quotes

  • Mark: I was tring to keep my humps out of the trip book


From 67. CUHWC Edale Day Trip

From 67. CUHWC Edale Day Trip

From 67. CUHWC Edale Day Trip