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Stiperstones, 6 May 2012

A popular day trip returning to Stiperstones in Shropshire, one of the club's favourite locations. The 20 people in attendance went on three different walks. The summit of Stiperstones was visited by all groups. Two of the groups also included Corndon Hill and Heath Mynd as part of their walks, one of which was a linear affair. We enjoyed good weather, despite all of the recent rain we've been experiencing!

Trip Participants

Andrew Williamson, Peter Kirkwood, Tom Wright, Greg Chadwick, Michael Fordham, Helen Phillips, Mark Jackson, Chris Arran, Gareth Ainsworth, Andrés Villar, Denise Laroze, Andy Crosby, Aileen Cameron, Laura Burrows, Feyruz Yalcin, Julian Peat, Alex Jones, Kerrie Taylor-Jones, Constanze Hammerle & Tom Hall

MJ's Trip Summary

Some of us managed to jump out of this trip before it even began - persuading
Tom W (late car driver) to drop us of and save us three miles of our (not very)
Intricately planned loop over Corndon Hill, Heath Mynd and Stiperstones (all Marilyns).
Peter, Kerrie and I endured snow (in May), climbing several barbed-wire fences and
Even getting lost and having to scramble up a bank and through a thorny hedge! The
Rocky tors of broken quartzite on the Stiperstones ridge provided possibly the best
Scrambling in England south of the Lakes. Not feeling betrayed at all, Andrew managed
To complete the same route but backwards - all in the name of ticking [and to prove a point]. All the
Other trip participants (eleven of them) also set forth from the encouragingly
Named 'The Bog' onto Stiperstones on a leisurely paced route that included an
Excellent pub lunch, a music festival, a dungeon & a jousting tournament (unless
Something got lost in translation!). And then it was home and back to revision...


From 18. CUHWC Stiperstones Day Trip

From 18. CUHWC Stiperstones Day Trip