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Moffat (Scottish Southern Uplands), 23-25 November 2012

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This was quite a trip! In a first for the club, we ventured into Scotland for a weekend trip (yes, you read that correctly). It was well worth the 7-hour drive each way. We chose to stay in the Well Road Centre in Moffat, lying in the middle of Southern Uplands. It was perhaps the best place the Club has ever stayed in, complete with games room (with basketball and badminton court), table tennis table, piano, pool table and almost enough beds for each of us to have two of them! To call it a bunkhouse would be something of an understatement and terms such as ‘Mansion’ and ‘Palace’ were preferred. Aside from that place, this was a joint Duffers’ and CUHWC members’ trip, so we were joined by 15 older club members. Most people chose to walk on Hart Fell on Saturday, with a couple of groups doing linear walks and including White Coomb too. On Sunday, most people explored the Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall, some chose to tick off Grahams (Scottish hills >2000ft high) and others visited Broad Law. Saturday evening even featured the second CUHWC pantomime, Peter Pan, which was stunningly performed, written and directed. It seems like rather a lot happened on this trip — never a bad thing, of course, and this trip will definitely be one of the even more memorable ones.

Trip Participants

Andrew Williamson, Peter Kirkwood, Greg Chadwick, Tom Ashton, Paul Cook, Michael Fordham, Chris Sidell, Andrena Ball, Tom Owen, Jane Patrick, Constanze, Joe Hobbs, Chris Arran, Lizzy Brickley, Tuomo Valkonen, Simon Williams, Valerie Ashton, Helena Laughton, Lilia Giugni, Kim Moore, Paul Fox, Laurent Michaux, Daumilas Ardickas, Jo Smith, Tom Hadavizadeh, Alex Gabrovsky, Ruth Pettit, Helen Ashdown, Michael Ashdown, Bethan Gudgeon, Doug Hull, Ben Watts, Ben Daniels, David Gruar, Toby Speight, Alison Beresford, Lottie Bell, Peter Bell, Will Carroll & Matthew Graham



To view the pantomime, you can go here.

From 49 & 50. CUHWC Southern Uplands Trip

From 49 & 50. CUHWC Southern Uplands Trip

From 49 & 50. CUHWC Southern Uplands Trip