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Seathwaite, New Year 2013

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We returned to Seathwaite for our New Year Trip 2013. It was quite cloudy, but people still managed to visit lots of fells between them. As is becoming traditional, we visited the Scafell Hotel in Rosthwaite for a meal on Saturday night.

Trip Participants

Joe Hobbs, Paul Cook, David Ponting, Jack Day, Greg Chadwick, David Mackenzie, Thomas Winther, Adrian Molder, Laura Burrows, Tom Cole, Lizzy Brickley, Helene Wolleb, Jo Smith, Anna Kendrick, Becky Howard, Tom Leach, Goody Gibbins, Vicky Ward, Laurent Michaux, Tom Owen, Tuomo Valkonen, Paul Fox, Tom Glen, Helen Phillips, Austen Saunders, Katie Atkinson & Andrena Ball

Walk Reports

Buttermere Horsehoe (HP)

Helen, Laurent, Tom, Tom & Jack

  • Dry and clear(ish) in the morning for High Snockrigg (small titter for the name) and Robinson (named after the squash producer?)
  • Diversion to the smallest cairn known to man [sic]
  • A nice yomp along the ridge with a very cute (some may say curvaceous) Labrador
  • Down to Honister - watched a cyclist fall off a bike — had lunch
  • FOG - FOG - FOG - FOG (Brandreth & Grey Knotts)
  • Minor navigational issues
  • Haystacks - still don't know where the summit is! Baa-ed at some sheep.
  • Descended in an unusual direction - Jack acquired a metal bar - sounds like Jacob Marley's ghost
  • Headtorch-related fun & rain & 1st-gear car fun & chavvy music

A Long-ish Walk, much at Low Level (JH)

Joe, Andrena & Paul

We took off after I'd checked that everyone was on a route card, 7 minutes and 14 seconds after the planned time. The pace down the road to Seatoller was speedy and only abated a little as we headed first up Honister Pass, then up Dale Head. As we ascended Dale Head, the weather got worse, with wind and fine rain, so we had a short stop to don waterproofs, gloves, hats & other clothing. The weather was so miserable ... To be continued apparently — perhaps to add suspense

A Good Walk through the Fog to over 900m (LM)

Laurent, Dave M, Tom & Tom

We set off with the larger group towards Glaramara. Not far from the bunkhouse, we encountered a sheep injured on its side. The two vets Helen & Becky sprang into action to resolve the situation. Leaving the vets (& Vicky), we ascended out of the damp valley and picked up the pace, leaving the larger group behind. Many spectacular views of the inside of a cloud were had. We followed the ridge over several summits and sadly didn't see any other walkers or dogs. Passing by patches of snow in the rain on the way up to Great End, the wind picked up even more. Whilst having our lunch break in the shelter at the top of Great End, a guy in a bright green waterproof and with a Leeds accent asked: "is this Scafell?" to which we replied that he and his friend were about 2km away from where they were hoping to be. Apparently they had taken a wrong turn and scrambled up the north side of Great End. We then descended back down towards the warm bunkhouse with them following part of the way. On our return, we learned that the other group had found another sheep caught in a fence. It was therefore an enjoyable and wet walk, and a bad day for the local sheep!