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25th Anniversary Year activities

The 2013-14 academic year was CUHWC's 25th Anniversary Year. This page provides further details of the activities that took place during this special year. The pages are left more or less in the same state that they were at the end of the year, to provide an interesting record of the year and to give the 30th Anniversary Year (in the 2018-19 academic year) committee some ideas as they begin to plan for that. [AW edit during page migration, February 2017]

Background to the celebrations

In 2014, Cambridge University Hillwalking Club celebrated twenty-five years with its silver anniversary. Members of the club in its early days (and those who have read about how it all started) will know that it came into being rather gradually, and so, rather than pinpoint a specific birthday, we decided to spread the celebrations over an entire academic year, running from October 2013 to September 2014. The main event, as in previous anniversary years, was a black-tie dinner and weekend in the Lake District, in February 2014.

This page and those linked from it are intended to serve as a source of information about the events organised, a starting point for both current members and duffers to get involved in numerous ways, and a place to follow events and share photos as they happened and afterwards. Please take a look around!

Best wishes,

Dave Farrow, Jo Smith and Michael Fordham
The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Year team

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