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Bryn Brethynau, 31 January-2 February 2014

Despite the weather fully living up to the forecast, 23 brave (foolish) hillwalkers headed to Snowdonia. Proceedings were delayed a bit, mainly due to a wee bit of confusion about where the second MPV was, but eventually we were all under way, with the usual stop at Walsall. By the time we arrived, the rain had nearly stopped.

Saturday morning dawned looking much nicer than the forecast, so (optimistic) plans were made, seeing two groups head to the Glyders to play hide-and-seek with the wind, winding their way across heather terrace, through Bwlch Tryfan then zig-zagging around to Llyn Idwal, or poking their heads out into the wind on the ridge-line. The other two groups opted to stay closer in and lower down, walking from the bunkhouse up to Crimpiau, before deciding to seek shelter in the valley, either circling back through the forest above Capel Curig, or returning along Llyn Cowlyd. Unsurprisingly, the weather deteriorated as soon as anyone left the bunkhouse and those who ventured to high ground found the wind made standing a bit tricky!

After some drying off down the pub, a bag of wood was procured and the trip leader set to work getting the fire lit. The stove in this bunkhouse is generally accepted to be about as much use as huddling around a candle, so we were pleased when it lit first time and seemed to draw rather than smoke out the living area (the wind seemed to help). Lively singing ensued, much to the Junior Treasurer's marked discontent.

Sunday dawned looking a bit nicer, but still windy, and groups made their plans for the day. Moel Siabod proved a popular choice today, with an ascent of the east ridge for those who were more adventurous. Another group headed back to the Glyders for an ascent of Y Gribin in the snow, introducing a number of new members to scrambling in the snow, and negotiating soggy-snow and wind consolidated ice rinks on the summit of Glyder Fawr. The rain held off until we were nearly down Devil's Kitchen, and even then wasn't heavy enough to make a dent on our spirits, only to make the slush even less pleasant and even more slippery!

After a quick cuppa, and an efficient round of cleaning thanks to the many keen pairs of hands, we piled back into the vehicles and set off back for Cambridge, leaving only a faint whiff of wet kit along the A5...

Trip Participants

Paul C, Tom L, Joe H, Tom A, Valerie A, Michael F, Phil W, Sophie D, Paul F, Andrew W, Marcus T, Josh A, Tom D, Jade C, Niall M, Joshua W, Conrad K, Charlotte Z, Anthony C, Steven W, Hussam B and Anne N.


Joe Hobbs