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Bryn Golau, 2-4 May 2014

Trip Summary

The trip that almost wasn't. I don't want to focus on the negatives, but I feel those absent from the trip must be mentioned. Trip leader 1 - Tom Leach. Driver 1 - Michael Fordham. Driver 2 - Matt Hickford. Fresher 1 - Nameless. Fresher 2 - Nameless. Their absences occured for a variety of reasons. Sore neck. Impending wedding + five weeks' fieldwork. Sprained ankle while packing car. And tragically, 2x culled freshers due to missing drivers. After a few frantic phone calls, we departed Cambridge and some hours later we were all in Bryn Golau on Friday night. Here, we bid farewell to two more of our number - Andrena and Joe had a date with their one-man tent.

[NB - Nameless1 = Taha, Nameless2 = Hussam]

But, perhaps this trip is better remembered as 'The trip that beat the odds'. Although deminished in numbers, a rousing conversation was had that evening (I recall some discussion of religion...), and of course plans were made for the following days. Cadair Idris was on everyone's lips.

I'm afraid I cannot really speak about anyone but Becky on the next day as we awoke rather early and a little too excited. We departed before the others awoke. After walking to Cadair, we briefly spoke to Laurent and Andy's group near the summit of Mynydd Moel before making some anti-social excuses and continuing on our way. We saw no sign of Paul Cook's group who were heading the other direction around the Cadair horseshoe. However, I am told a key swap was successfully executed. Some hours later, having climbed Cyfrwy arete, we retraced our steps arriving back at the bunkhouse some 12hrs after our departure. Here we were welcomed by smiling faces and the smell of cooking food.

That evening we had two unexpected visitors in the form of Duffers Dave and Jo. They had been climing in Snowdonia and came to join us for a day of walking on Sunday. It dawned grey, but pleasent. All parties, having satisfied their Cadair fix, focused their attention on the Aran Range. Located right across from our bunkhouse and extending in a northerly direction with appealing walks of all lengths. It proved a lovely outing for all involved. The only exception was Andy Howell whose tireless action in the name of safety saw him sprain his ankle on Saturday. His day was not wasted, however, as he diligently studied his knots, drank tea and composed rebuttals to the religious discussion of Friday.

Thank-you to Andy our Safety Officer and Paul Cook our stand-in Trip Leader.

Rose (the stood-down Safety Officer)

Trip Participants

Andy H, Paul C, Helen F, Laurent M, Rose P, Tom D, Tamas S-T, Becky H, Alex K, Karol P, Aga W, Mohammed G and Joe H.


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The Aran Mountains in all their glory (Karol Pilch)

Rose Pearson