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Caseg Ffraith, 1-3 November 2013

On this weekend we returned to a club favourite hut, Caseg Ffraith. Having arrived on Friday evening (please note: the early car leaving at 16.00 arrived after the late car which left at 18.00), we settled in by laying out maps on every flat surface in order to plan the day ahead. Unlike the weather for Edale, the weather forecasts were true and on Saturday we were met with delightful 75mph gusts and whipping hail. However, this did not stop CUHWC venturing out! We had 3 planned routes round the Carnedd horseshoe, 1 up Moel Siabod, 1 somewhere (?), 1 crazy scrambling route around the Glyders and 1 singular bagger (guess who?). Only 1 route, that of the singular bagger, was conducted as planned; this was possibly due to the will-power of said bagger to bag the summit of aim. This person was neither David Pettit nor Peter Kirkwood nor Andrew Williamson. All the others turned back at various points or changed the route. Having arrived back rather earlier than usual all the groups settled down for the night making elaborate meals and supping on mulled wine. Having introduced all the newbies to the Cow Song we all went to bed to the sound of the pitter patter of heavy hail.

The next day, the forecast wasn’t much better but we all headed out anyway because that’s what keen hillwalkers do. We had a group attempt the Carnedd horseshoe (1 person for the second time), some low-level forest walks and 2 scrambling routes up Tryfan and Bristly Ridge. Brightening up around 15.00 it was mutually agreed that it would have been better if we’d come to Snowdonia 48 hours later. Nevertheless, the weekend was enjoyable and ‘character building’ and I personally can’t wait for my next weekend trip!

Trip Participants

Peter K, Greg C, Vicky W, Paul C, Simon W, Jane P, Constanze H, Martin L, Tom L, Phil W, Alex K, David C P, Luz O, Rhianna K, Rose P, Marcus T, Steven W, Jack B, Tom W, Andy H, Tom O, Tom H, Tom A, Tom H, Valerie A, Paul F, John O, Josh A, Alex L, Holly H, Emma R, Teresa K, Chris C, Kerrie T J, Mark J, Christie N, Madeline K, Matt H and Sajan P.


Vicky Ward