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Edale, 20 October 2013

Trip Summary

Despite weather forecasts including lightning bolts and big blue raindrops, our good luck with weather for the Edale Freshers' Trip continued for the fourth year running, with clear skies and no rain (albeit a wee bit windy). The trip was one of the largest run by the club in years, with 64 participating (and yet even more on the waiting list...). As usual our walk started at Edale and ended up in a pub in Hayfield with 7 routes for various abilities. The different routes ventured across the dark peat of Kinder Plateau and marvelled at the magnificent rock formations. No one got left behind or seriously injured (except some white clothing which may never look the same again), so all in all this trip was a great start to the academic year!

Trip Participants

Andrew W, Peter K, Vicky Wd, Helen P, Paul C, Dave F, Jo S, Simon W, Jane P, Michael F, David P, Constanze H, Laurent M, Thomas L, Chris A, Phil W, Joe H, Matthew C, Madeline K, Fiona S, Sophie A, Teresa H, Paula K, Max R, Katie W, Alex K, Maeve D T, David C P, Luz O, David P, Johannes R, Emma R, Jakob S, Alistair W, Rhianna K, Anthony C, Jasmine G, Gerard M, Sebastian K, Sam M, Rose P, Louis P, Marcus T, Stefani K, Anna K, Elizabeth B, Christopher H, Dave B, Steven W, Jack B, Michelle C, Seamus B, Erik P, Crystal M, Sally M, Tom W, Y Jie Tan, Sze-Xian L, Evelyn B, Eric W, Ianthe S, Alex L, Tanja S, Anne N, Liz M and Andy H.


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Kinder Downfall (Andrew W)

The Kinder Plateau (Philip W)

Vicky Ward