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Langdale (25th Anniversary Dinner), 21-23 February 2014

Trip Report

It happened. Booked months ago, the weekend finally arrived: the twenty-fifth anniversary! Upon universal wish to celebrate our Club’s longevity (or maybe a desperate need to escape Cambridge Week 5), 45 hillwalkers set off from Cambridge to meet up with fellow mountain-loving brethren both old and very, very young. After settling into the sumptuous hostel for the night (pillows AND bedding) everyone woke up to gorgeous-ish weather to plod up some good ole Wainwrights in the slush. One group head out to do Langdale Pikes and then Bowfell/Esk Pike, another to Bowfell and Esk Pike, and others to places to which I was not paying attention to. After a day of fun in the cold (including bum sliding and stumbles into waist-deep snow drifts), we all went back to the hostel to prepare for the night’s festivities. Having first gorged ourselves on the posh not-own-brand biscuits (McVitie's!), we fancied ourselves up for the night ahead! After much cafuffle over dress pins and hair and massive bow tie panics the evening was ready to begin.

Dinner consisted of food... a lot of food... but good food. They were then speeches which included standard hillwalker anecdotes of days gone by and attempts at rhythm. After that there was photos of various Committee position ensembles. The rest of the evening then proceeded to a blur of fancy whisky and ceilidh dancing, but was enjoyed by all.

Next day we awoke to beautiful weather to match many a beautiful head-status. Consequently many did not walk properly but enjoyed pub lunches, strolls with dogs and poetry writing. One notable exception was our new mascot Ben More who went out sillily unprepared and consequently got very lost and muddy. Upon that we all went home tired, happy (I think) and sporting our brand new stash. A memorable occasion to be had once-in-a-degree-time.

Once again, many thanks to the organisers for a great weekend!

More Details

Feel free to have a look at the 25th Anniversary Year section of the website including a page dedicated to the Langdale Anniversary Trip itself.


Here is a photo taken of the group just before dinner. 25th Anniversary Dinner group, Photograph by Toby Speight

Vicky Ward