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Scales (Mystery Trip), 8-10 March 2014

Trip Report

On Friday 8 March, 23 hillwalkers (and 2 film crew) packed up their bags to go to a mystery location. As the majority of people knew where this mystery location was and Phil's clues were "piss easy", we all ended up exactly here we thought we were going: Scales in the Northern Lakes. The bunkhouse was odd, being long with thin walls, rooms leading to the outside, a tiny kitchen and tiny communal area which were unattached but supremely comfy beds.

Waking up the next day the majority of groups headed north to complete various bagging missions in aid of the 25th Anniversary Wainwright Bagging Saga. There were 2 group exceptions to this. The first was one which contained some crazy souls and Ben More who headed north the night before for some bivvying under the stars. The second exception contained the film crew who headed south to find some bog because we knew they would love that. Of the other groups one headed up Blencathra via a very slippery Sharp Edge (rewarding themselves with this excitement before spending the next 20 minutes trying to find the top of Mungrisdale Common and bagging other less exciting things such as Bannerdale Crags and Souther Fell). Another group headed off for that gentle stroll there and back to bag Binsey, another to back the various things to the north such as Great Cockup, which was dealt with with much excitement. With an average walk length of over 27km, it was a very keen day. The weather was suprisingly good if you didn't think too much of the wind. The evening passed with plenty of food whether it be orzo, mystery food ingredients or pub grub.

The next day bagging commenced again... one group headed north-west towards Skiddaw, 2 others headed up to Blencathra. Two large groups headed south, one to do the joyous Central Fells and the other the Helvellyn ridge. The weather was gorgeous.

Overall an exceedingly successful bagging weekend with the number of peaks bagged nearing 30. Well done team.

Trip Participants

Tom H, Peter K, Fiona P, Phil W, Andrew W, Alex K, Simon W, Marcus T, Hussam B, Taha S, John O, Charlotte Z, Joe H, Rebecca H, Valerie A, Jade C, Jane P, Vicky W, Rose P, Michael F, Matt H, Lucy W and Tom A.


Vicky Ward