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Capel Curig, January 2015

An eventful trip to the Tan-y-Garth bunkhouse in Capel Curig. Firstly, sign-up filled the minute immediately preceding 7am, after a serving of pancakes for those who arrived even earlier! By the time the clock ticked 8 o'clock well over 10 reserves were standing around. Quick thinking from the outgoing President, meant the club was able to open up the trip to 10 on the reserve list by booking the nearby Siabod Longhouse. First danger averted.

All of a sudden it was Friday, sitting in an MPV leaving Cambridge on the A14. As the incoming President wrote:

"With no great mishap we were back on the A14
Speeding down the dual carriageway to Kettering
Till out of the blue our tyre punctured
To sit on the hard shoulder was not quite the trip's function
A long phone call and finally a curry arrived
While we rambled dangerously a field that nigh

Perched on our seats on the edge of despair
Yearning to breathe that fresh mountain air."

When we finally made it to Siabod Longhouse, it was gone 4am.

All walks on the Saturday were relatively successful with good winter conditions, though the wind was problematic on higher ridges. Fantastic visibility below cloud level. Sunday was even better with lighter winds and significant sunshine and blue sky, particularly during the middle of the day. Even more winter experience was gained with a walk introducing crampon as-well-as ice axe use on the southern half of the Snowdon horseshoe.

Marcus Taylor