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Caseg Ffraith, 14-16 November 2014

Author: Andrew Williamson

Trip Summary

A firm Club favourite, the ULGMC's Caseg Ffraith Hut saw a group of 40 CUHWC members descend on it for a weekend of fun in mid-November. Just to further reinforce the Club's love of this location, we had weather that was nothing short of stunning on both Saturday and Sunday, meaning between us we thoroughly explored the Glyderau, Carneddau, with groups on each day travelling further afield to the Snowdon range. On Saturday, many groups scrambled on Tryfan, either by the classic North Ridge or Heather Terrace, most then extending their routes onto the Glyderau as documented by many classic photos on the Cantilever. A more ambitious contingent headed across to the Carneddau from there, finishing their route as the sun set. A large group completed the Snowdon Horseshoe. As is becoming traditional in Michaelmas, a successful navigation course was organised by one of the Safety Officers, Andy, on the Saturday, which gave six Club members some more training in planning and leading routes. Since CUMC were staying in a bunkhouse close to ours, there was some joint socialising (and cooking) on Saturday evening, as we got to know each other over a glass of some excellent mulled wine, thanks to the Treasurer's forward planning. Several of our members were also able to 'try out' climbing with CUMC on both days. The fact that climbing resulted in at least one late finish highlighted for some Club members the importance of not permitting climbing on hillwalking trips, though clearly this trip was a suitable opportunity to allow this to happen. On Sunday, most people headed onto the Carneddau, experiencing glorious conditions as they emerged above the clouds, with more than one brocken spectre for good measure. Another set of people scrambled onto Tryfan and the Glyders, and more people headed for Snowdon. All in all, another incredible trip, rekindling CUHWC's love of the Ogwen Valley, perhaps in view of the extreme weather we experienced here this time last year.

Trip Participants

Thomas L (Trip Leader), Andy H (Trip Safety Officer), Ben M (Mascot), Matt H, Michael F, Tom O, Andrew W, Peter K, Tom A, Greg C, Becky H, Jade C, Camilla P, Ben B, Allison P, Lucie S, Adrien L, Antonia C, Alex K, Yingda L, Yining N, Denise H, Aude C, John O, Philip W, Ranulph D, Kerrie Ann K, Jamie C, Josh A, Helen P, Laurent M, Julia J, Clementine M, Will W, Heidi S O, David B, Emily B, Tina K, Valerie A, Kenny T, Carson W, Matthew K and Helen P. Some notable CUHWC members were on the CUMC trip (and thus joined our socialising on Saturday evening): Tom H, Rose P, Paul F and Alexander L.


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The Carneddau in all their glory (Andrew W)

CUHWC members on the Cantilever (Adrien L)

Scrambling on Tryfan (Heidi S)

Scrambling along exposed Crib Goch (Lucie S)

Moel Siabod from near Snowdon (Yining N)

Tryfan and the Glyderau above the Ogwen Valley (Matt H)