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Dartmoor, 28-30 November 2014

Author: Andrew Williamson

Trip Summary

The final trip of Michaelmas 2014 was to Dartmoor and a new bunkhouse for the Club: Powdermills. Continuing the contrast with Michaelmas 2013 in terms of weather, there were some quite stunning conditions on this trip. The trip also featured the second centrally organised CUHWC Christmas Dinner on the Saturday evening.

Trip Participants

Thomas L (Trip Leader), Rose P (Trip Safety Officer), Ben M (Mascot), Matt H, Joe H, Becky H, Tom A, Ben B, Ros C, Malinda M, Philip W, Alex K, Tom H, Alex H, Constanze H, Eleri C, Marcus T, Barbara J, Stan J, Camilla P, Sam L, Josh A, Yining N, Evan K, Simon W, Valerie A and Madeline K.


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Reflections (Marcus T)

CUHWC Christmas Dinner, Mark II (Philip W)

Stunning weather conditions on Dartmoor (Yining N)