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Edale, 19 October 2014

Author: Andrew Williamson

Trip Summary

Our 'silver' (25th) Freshers' Day Trip to Edale in the Peak District wasn't much different to the previous 24 in terms of format, but as the years continue to change, so too do the participants. We welcomed another keen group of newcomers to the Club, and though we didn't quite manage to equal last year's record high of 64, we still had 62 people in attendance, principally thanks to some careful transport planning and Freshers' Squash plugging. A variety of walks took the groups from Edale across to Hayfield, each with varying quantities of bog included. Though the weather wasn't quite as good as it has been in recent years, with some strong gusts buffeting the Kinder Plateau and surrounding ridges in particular, the trip was enjoyed by those who took part, providing the foundations for many people's involvement with the Club, and giving some older members yet another opportunity to tell newcomers about how good it is. As has become traditional, most groups finished with a pint and some food in the pub in Hayfield before the return to Cambridge and the next escape to the hills in a fortnight's time.

Trip Participants

Thomas L (Trip Leader), Rose P, Andy H (Stuff), Paul C, David H, John O, Josh A, Alex K, Laurent M, Andrew W, Marcus T, Paul F, Philip W, Natthawut A, Nadia A, Amanda C, Helen C, Catherine C-B, Wojciech C, Amanda F, Sarah F, Lorena G-P, Pierre H, Jared H, Lizzi H, Brenda J, J Yanting, Wojciech K, Alisha K, Evan K, Viktor K, Fingal L, Christiane L, Shiqing M, Malinda M, Barbara M, Natalie M, Amiya N, Felix P, Katren R, Gavin R, Nicole S, Morgan S, Beth S, Antonia S, Jean T, Joe W, Nathan W L, Benjamin W, Tina K, Allison P, Camilla P, Lucie S, Carson W, Zekang C, Kathrin S, Alexander L, Ben B, Yining N, David B and Emily B.


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Sunshine and Showers on The Edge, north of the Kinder Plateau (Andrew W)