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Ennerdale, 13-15 February 2015

Trip Summary

For the second trip of Lent term, the club headed up to the Low Gillerthewaite Field Centre, located in stunning Ennerdale in the Western Fells, last visited by the club in 2012. This was our first joint trip with our counterparts in the ‘other place’, the Oxford University Walking Club, perhaps our largest ever. More than 50 people attended from both clubs – presenting a small challenge for the Trip Leader and Safety Officer, Tom L and Josh A! Despite a slightly chaotic start in the morning, groups from both clubs headed up onto the north and south aspects of the Ennerdale horseshoe, tackling High Stile, High Crag and Haystacks – said to be Wainwright’s favourite Lakeland fell – while others headed to Great Gable, Kirk Fell and Pillar to the south.

Hillwalkers learnt a lot from their counterparts in the ‘other place’; many found it useful to see the different approaches of the two clubs and learn lessons. Many of the Oxford hillwalkers enjoyed the freedom of our walk approach, allowing walks to be decided upon and lead more flexibly, although perhaps fewer enjoyed the singing of the ‘Cow Song’ into the evening! Some in OUWC were slightly surprised by the pace of some CUHWC walks – with Philip W and Paul C giving two OUWC members a good challenge with a ‘brisk’ walk around the entirety of the 20-mile Ennerdale horseshoe.

Back at the hut on the Saturday night, as always there was an exciting range of meals on offer – even if the small kitchen did pose a bit of a challenge with 52 hungry hillwalkers! Lentil and Cardamon soup was on offer, together with vegetable tapas and homemade chocolate torte. Many enjoyed another clear day on the hills on Sunday, with parties tending to head to the ‘opposite’ side of the horseshoe, or alternatively for a more gentle stroll around Ennerdale Water. Everyone (except for the group lead by the Trip Leader!) returned on time by 3:30, before the lengthy drive back over the Pennines to Wetherby and on to Cambridge.

Trip Participants

Thomas L (Trip Leader), Josh A (Trip Safety Officer), Ben M (Mascot), Valerie A, Tom A, Greg C, Daria C, Tanya C, Paul C, Anthony C, Eleri C, Jamie C, Antonin D, Paul F, Virrup G, Wenting G, Matt H, Alex H, Yanting J, Clementine M, Yining N, Jane P, Heidi S Ø, Kathrin S, Lucie S, George W, Simon W, Philip W and 20 OUWC members.


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Ice on Innominate Tarn (Philip W)

The view down Ennerdale (Paul F)