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Rydal, 5–7 June 2015

Trip Summary

For our final trip of the academic year, CUHWC headed to Rydal Hall in the Lake District. The large bunkhouse was ideal for accommodating hillwalkers desperate for a post-exams escape from Cambridge. An adjacent campsite and the shore of Rydal water provided additional space for campers.

On Saturday several groups walked the Fairfield horseshoe which lies directly north of the bunkhouse, whilst others (Phil, Becky, Jane and Simon) assiduously avoided it. The weather looked fair as we set out but as those on the Fairfield horseshoe reached Nab Scar it became apparent that this was going to be a very windy walk. There was little respite round the ridge and several instances of crawling and bottom-shuffling ensued. One member’s glasses were even blown off, providing an unexpected argument in favour of contact lenses. Everyone returned safely however, with the discovery of some of Ambleside’s finest pubs and apple pie shops on the way back to the bunkhouse.

As ever Saturday evening’s meals were delicious and everyone was fed with only a little chaos resulting from three food groups using the galley kitchen. After vast quantities of kitchiri, risotto and beetroot had been consumed the group divided, some to the pub, some to political discussion and others to make all the letters in Bananagrams into a grid about camelids. All this activity left no time for the use of the newly revamped songbooks, to the dismay of some and great joy of others.

Six people spent both days on a scrambling course, learning ropework techniques and gaining confidence on some of the Lake District’s finest scrambles. This group’s longer day on Sunday allowed a few of us to walk the Langdale skyline (taking in one fewer Wainwright than on Saturday, disappointingly for Andrew W). Other groups headed off to satisfy the urge for wild swimming in a gorge scramble and to wander over Loughrigg Fell.

A sunny Sunday in the Lakes felt like an appropriate close to the year’s walking and everyone left enthused about their various summer plans and, hopefully, next year’s trips.

Trip Participants

Philip W (Trip Leader), Josh A (Trip Safety Officer), Ben M (Mascot), Paul C, Matt H, Thomas A, Helen F, Sumita C, Zekang C, Heidi SØ, Benjamin B, Sam L, Camilla P, Andrew W, April C, William G, Jade C, Felix P, Jamie C, Valerie A, Pascal F, Immy C, Daria C, James H, Karol P, Jakub S, James L, David W, Maxime C, Qurrat-ul-A, Fingal L, Simon W, Jane P, Robert H, Matthew A, John O, David H, Tom L, Becky H


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Elterwater from somewhere on one of Loughrigg’s many knobbles. (Philip W)

Looking towards our final peak, Harrison Stickle, as the weather really improved. (Andrew W)

Camilla Penney