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Caseg Fraith, 30 October–1 November 2015

Trip Summary

Ensconced in the fog, Caseg Fraith was the location of the club’s first trip of Michaelmas 2015. Lots of keen and new club members came and, despite the persistently cloudy weather on Saturday, did a variety of walks in the Carneddau and Glyders, with multiple groups heaving up Tryfan, and one MPV group going off to enjoy Snowdon in the cloud.

There were only four cooking groups for dinner on Saturday night, but a lot of whisky and cake going around! The traditional pumpkin carving took place, with Adrien’s pumpkins craftily chosen to raise eyebrows even before being carved.

Sunday had much nicer weather, without a cloud in the sky (because most of them were on the valley floor, and stayed that way throughout the day and evening). A number of groups went scrambling on Bristly Ridge and enjoyed the views from there.

Trip Participants

Philip W (Trip Leader), Paul C (Trip Safety Officer), Nebibe V, Sumita C, Grasilda Z, Yanting J, Amelia H, Sarah K, Tom A, Romaric M, Simon W, Greg C, William G, April C, Alex B, Camilla P, Thomas H, John O, Christie N, Alex K, Peter B, Anjali P, Heidi F, Nina G, Olivia M, Rebecca H, Theo AF, Ranulph D, Valerie A, Patrick R, Michael A, Adrien L, Christine M, David S, Arion P, Jorge G, Taavi T, Harriet G, Ben R, Natthawut A


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Birds on the Glyders (Adrien L)

Philip W