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Cwm Dyli, 8–13 April

Trip Summary

Neither April nor Snowdonia can be expected to have good weather, so much of the trip was something of a shock. Few things can be more glorious than swimming in sunshine beneath snow-capped peaks, but doing so while avoiding hypothermia is one. Wonderful views were also reported that day from a Moel-hunting expedition, while another group had such a good day they stayed out past sunset.

Of course, mist and rain weren't entirely avoidable, with the Monday more than a little damp, but when you can navigate by following the sound of the Cow Song then hillwalking's not too bad. Snow, too, was an obstacle, putting paid to a first-day Welsh 3000s attempt while making photos from a Crib Goch crossing all the more impressive. New members threw themselves into the trip, scrambling, kicking snow steps, and making beautiful glissades. They even reported enjoying it!

Trip Participants

Rose P., Philip W., Sumita C., Matt A (trip leader), Erin B., Susie R., Johanna F., Anthony K., Ben H., Ben B., Alex H., Simon W., Matt H., Isy G., Adrien L., Juliette M., Kathryn D., Ranulph D., Andy H.