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Edale, 18 October 2015

Trip Summary

The trip was a success, with lots of smiling freshers and everyone being back at the pub in Hayfield before 16:30 to enjoy a drink. The weather was a bit pants, but as far as I could tell, everyone seemed to enjoy it all the same.

There were 64 people signed up for the trip, which was in high demand. A variety of walks took the groups from Edale across to Hayfield, each with varying quantities of bog included.

One leader pulled out due to illness, and there was some epic car faff in the morning, but everyone got a good day's walk done in the end.

Trip Participants

Camilla C (Trip Leader), Josh A (Safety Officer), Sarah C, Natthawut A, Tom C, Christiane K, Austin de M, Alastair H, Heidi F, Anjali P, Peter B, Alex S, Alex B, Meilin Y, Ben W, Jiaxi L, Anna W, Ceridwen S, Patrick R, Shi-Fan C, Nina G, Olivia T, Rory L, Daniel F, Jonathan R, William D, Olivia M, Hellen W, Jeson N, Pranav S, Winnie S, Jens A, Leo L, Chris I, Taavi T, Samuel S, Romaric M, Anna S, Johanna F, Ang Kun Joo Michael, Christina R, Thibaud M, Ler Song L, Arion P, Sophie M, Matteo S, Anabel ML, Rosa H, Njoki W, Georgina McC, Charles L, Sumita C, Laurent M, Sophie D, Paul C, Zekang C, Andy H, Paul F, Andrew W, Adrien L, John O, Becky H, Tom H


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Josh A