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Mystery Trip, 6–8 May

This year's mystery trip created the usual intrigue and suspense: a fair few people had worked out that we were off to Tan Y Garth, Capel Curig, but by no means all!

Given that recent weather in Cambridge has been hot and sunny, it was perhaps a bit disappointing that both days dawned misty and damp: fortunately, both days came good. Of course, there was an outburst freezing wind-blown drizzle on the Glyder before the sun appeared!

Many groups experienced the Glyders in their majesty, while Paul and Camilla went on a monstrous trip into the Carneddau. On Sunday, around half of us went up Moel Siabod, an unexpectedly scrambly ascent which was great fun!

As ever, the walking was only half the story; we had fantastic cooking on Saturday night, the most enthusiastic singing I can remember, and plenty of good fun.

Thanks to everyone who came - see you all again!

Trip List:

1 David H
2 Ben B
3 Thomas A
4 Romaric M
5 Marie S
6 Hanna S
7 Mark B
8 Olivia T
9 Rory L
10 Jake S
11 Paul F
12 Valerie A
13 Camilla P
14 Jens A
15 Rebekah L
16 Grasilda Z
17 William G
18 April C

David H