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Penwyllt, 26–28 February

Trip Summary

David H’s first trip as a president was to the South Wales caving Club HQ bunkhouse in Penwyllt, South Wales. The club is not a frequent visitor to the Brecon Beacons, but after this weekend, that seems like a shame. We were spoiled by beautiful sun on both days, although it was still bitterly cold at times. This was run as a joint trip with Cambridge University Caving Club: 21 members of CUHWC came along, with a handful of CUCC members too.

The trip was marked by a tragic outbreak of insanity amongst a number of hillwalking club members, who decided to get up late, walk onto the warm, sunny hill and crawl into a dark, damp hole. By the evening, the insanity appeared to be on the wane, with most deciding that muddy holes were indeed less enjoyable that open moorland: however, a number of club members had not yet fully recovered by next morning and enjoyed a second day of caving.

On the hill, groups on both days headed around the prominent escarpment to the North West. This was quintessentially Brecon, and a straightforwards and dramatic walk. Or run, depending on your preference. Several groups also explored the more rolling ground to the east of the bunkhouse, where there was a good selection of grassy hills/mountains to aim for. David H continued the presidential transport batten forwards by leading a group for miles after mile along a disused tramway, until there was no option but to go up a hill.

All in all, a successful and enjoyable trip – as ever, it was brilliant to meet new CUHWC members, and to catch up with our old faithful. See you all in Cym Dyli!

Trip Particpants

David H (Trip Leader), Arion P (Safety Officer), Tom A, Alistair H, Phil W, Rose P, Aicha W, Paul F, Sumita C, Carolina C, Valerie A, Tanja S, Shoham L, Peter T, Molly V, Harriet C, Jiaxi L, Kuba S, Anabel M, Emily B, Angelika B


David H